Join other FACULTY, STAFF and STUDENTS for encouragement and community!

Welcome Wayne State faculty!

Wayne State University

We are a Christian community of Wayne State faculty, staff and students committed to praying for our campus. We meet Mondays at noon. For meeting location email katherine.kim@wayne.edu 

Virtual Prayer Walk- August 31st, from 7pm-8pm on Zoom

Aaron Henry, IVCF Campus Staff has organized the event. Please join us!

Classes for WSU start September 1st. Let’s join together to pray for roughly 26,800 students plus faculty and staff.



Contact katherine.kim@wayne.edu for more info


The Four Loves- God's invitation to faculty

God loves the campus and every person on it!    Sadly, too often those on campus don’t hear that message.  

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Welcoming Prayer: A Discipline for Times of Panic

As Covid-19 progresses and everything in our world changes for the foreseeable future, we may feel panicked and vulnerable. How do we pray?

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Prayer and the Academic Calling

Dr. Gordon Smith discusses what it means for an academic to practice the spiritual discipline of prayer in the secular academy where materialism is prevalent, if not pervasive, by calling us to see and discern the powers and principalities of this world through Kingdom eyes.

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Bringing Hope to Campus

What is the crucial contribution of Christian faculty to the university today? What essential gift does the university long for – even if only in an inchoate way? What unique offering can we make to the life of the academy?

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